A Path Through The Japanese Garden was written in 1999 as an attempt to tie together all I had learnt in the previous 15 years building Japanese style gardens. The book comes from a practical approach. You learn by doing it, solving problems in the garden, and you think about it and read books later. You still need to have a structure to work to and this book attempts to put a lot of different aspects of Japanese gardens into some kind of framework.

     The book begins with a historical perspective on the gardens and follows with a breakdown of the main styles. There are pages on the foundations of Japanese garden design and the way elements like rocks, paths, fences etc. are related to each other. A lot of the book talks about the way paths, fences, ponds etc. are actually built.

    The book is filled with photographs of gardens in Japan and projects that I have worked on. I also did many black and white drawings for the book to explain various aspects of design and to inspire the reader in the creation of their own garden.

    I have avoided delving too deeply in the underlying 'philosophies' or 'spiritual' aspects of the gardens because I feel those things are revealed to you as you work. Building the garden you experience the landscape opening before you. Maintaining the garden you experience your relationship to the natural world.



Publisher -Crowood Press  ISBN  1-86126-316-3